Win32 Installer - new beta

Gordon McMillan
Mon, 25 Oct 99 02:45:35 GMT

A new beta (03) of the Win32 Installer package is available on 

This release incorporates Thomas Heller's changes: 
executables now act much more like frozen apps in that 
almost all(*) of the Python modules and scripts are run / 
imported directly from the exe.

(*)exceptions.pyc is the sole exception.

In fact, almost the whole package has been rewritten. Among 
the enhancements:
 - full support for packages & subpackages
 - ability to tell the installer to search odd places for your 
 - a framework for incorporating extensions with odd packaging/
   installation requirements
 - better status reporting
 - more debugging aids
 - many more configurations and options available.

Read all about it at

The prior beta (02) is now promoted to release.

The Win32 Installer is a sort of compilerless Freeze - a way 
of distributing Python apps with all the required support built 
in. It also understands binary resources (.dlls and .pyds) and 
can package up arbitrary files that your app might require.

Python-style license.


<P><A HREF="">Win32
Installer release 02 (beta 03)</A> - a compiler-less way of distributing
Python applications on Windows.  (08-Oct-99)

- Gordon

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