Canadian Daily Climate Data CD reader module v990829 released

Bernhard Reiter
Mon, 25 Oct 99 02:48:28 GMT

Ever wanted to read a huge pile of data from the Canadian Daily Climate
CDs to run some batch analysis?  The supplied programs on that CD only
allow you to extract it in certain ways or browse it on the screen.

It took me a day or two even with the format description to decode that
binary format. And now I try to make sure that nobody needs to do that
again and release my hack as free software (GPL).

The program is only useful, if you have bought one of the CDs published
by Environment Canada. It might also serve as an example of how to use
the python struct module. It is not very well documented. Details at:

Bernhard Reiter

<P><A HREF="http://">Canadian
Daily Climate CD Python module v990829</A> - free Python module hack to
extract a lot of data from the proprietary "Canadian Daily Climate CDs",
published by the Canadian Meterological Center.  (12-Oct-99)

Research Assistant, Geog Dept UM-Milwaukee, USA.    (
Association for a Free Informational Infrastructure              (
Intevation GmbH

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