thingy 0.1: mutable string objects with file and list methods

greg andruk
Mon, 25 Oct 99 02:54:02 GMT

The thingy module gives you far too many ways to manipulate a string
of bytes.

Supported list-like methods include append(), insert(), count(),
index(), remove(), reverse(), sort(), slice assignment, del T[range].

File-like methods and attributes include read(), readline(),
readlines(), write(), writelines(), seek(), tell(), truncate(),
flush(), isatty(), close(), softspace, mode, name, closed, separator.

Also, thingy objects work with most of the toys in the string and re
modules.  Of course, they can meow too.

This module is written in C, and includes basic docs and Unix makefile

Licensing is BSD style, see thingymodule.c for details.

<P><A HREF="">thingy 0.1</A> - mutable
string-like objects with file and list methods.  (18-Oct-99)

Greg Andruk <>

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