New Book: "Python Essential Reference"

David Beazley
Tue, 26 Oct 99 23:55:49 GMT

*** Hot off the press! ***

		      Python Essential Reference

			   By David Beazley

		(with a foreword by Guido van Rossum)

			New Riders Publishing
			   ISBN 0735709017
			      350 pages.

I'm pleased to announce the release of a new Python reference book
that is now shipping to a bookstore near you.

In a nutshell, the Python Essential Reference is a concise and
comprehensive reference to the Python language and its large library
of modules.  This book is designed to be a compact and highly usable
companion to other Python books and the online documentation. 
Some of its features include:

  -  Comprehensive coverage of the Python tutorial, language reference,
     library reference, and C extension API.

  -  Documentation for more than 100 modules in the standard Python

  -  A concise presentation style in which material is not obscured 
     by tutorial-style examples, programming lessons, advocacy, 
     and language comparisons.  As a result, the book serves as an
     excellent companion to introductory books such as Learning Python.

  -  Expanded coverage of many library modules.  In particular, much
     of the information contained in man pages and other books has
     been added to clarify topics in network programming, operating
     system interfaces, and other advanced topics.  In addition, 
     a variety of new examples have been added to further expand 
     upon certain topics.

  -  A compact design. I have taken great liberty in rewording, 
     abridging, and reorganizing much of the existing Python
     documentation. Obsolete modules, fluff, and a number
     of more obscure topics have been omitted.  In addition,
     the publisher has done a fantastic job of typesetting the 
     book into a highly compact form factor that is easy to 
     carry on the plane, take to a dinner date, or go just about 
     anywhere one would expect to be writing a Python program.

The bottom line: this is a highly compact and intelligent book that is
intended to serve as a useful reference for Python programmers. I hope
that you find it to be a useful addition to your Python programming

More information can be found by following the links on

Please support the PSA by purchasing the book through the above site.



<P><A HREF="">Python Essential
Reference</A> - a new Python reference book; a concise and comprehensive
reference to the Python language and its large library of
modules.  (25-Oct-99)

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