SPARK 0.5 (was little language framework)

John Aycock aycock@csc.UVic.CA
Tue, 26 Oct 99 23:48:10 GMT

This is the latest release of SPARK: the Scanning, Parsing, and Rewriting Kit.
(It was formerly known as "the little language framework.")

SPARK features a collection of classes which can be used to implement
little languages.  Mixing and matching components is possible; you don't
have to use the entire collection of classes if you don't want to.

New in release 0.5 (see CHANGES file for a complete list):

	-  Scanner speed improvements.
	-  Interface for resolving conflicts between ambiguous grammar rules.
	-  Miscellaneous fixes and improvements.

Old in release 0.5:

	-  Generic scanner class.
	-  Generic parser class, which handles any context-free grammar.
	-  Class to automatically construct parse trees or abstract
		syntax trees.
	-  Class for traversing trees, useful for semantic checking and
		code generation.
	-  Class for tree pattern matching, good for code generation or
		interpreter implementation.
	-  100% pure Python.

Available at


<P><A HREF="">SPARK 0.5</A> -
the Scanning, Parsing, and Rewriting Kit, formerly known as the
Little Language Framework (cf. IPC7 paper).  (20-Oct-99)

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