4XSLT 0.7.2

uche.ogbuji@fourthought.com uche.ogbuji@fourthought.com
Tue, 26 Oct 99 23:51:47 GMT

FourThought LLC (http://FourThought.com) announces the release of

                             4XSLT 0.7.2
                      A python implementation
                    of the W3C's XSLT language

4XSLT is an XML transformation processor based on the W3C's specification
for the XSLT transform language.


Currently, 4XSLT supports a sub-set of the October 8th working draft
of XSLT including the following:

Full expression support and attribute-value template expansion
xsl:include			xsl:import
xsl:template			xsl:apply-imports
xsl:apply-templates		xsl:copy
xsl:call-template               xsl:if
xsl:for-each			xsl:choose
xsl:element			xsl:when
xsl:attribute			xsl:otherwise
xsl:text			xsl:message
xsl:value-of			xsl:variable
xsl:processing-instruction	xsl:param
xsl:comment			xsl:with-param
xsl:strip-space			xsl:key
xsl:preserve-space		xsl:copy-of

and, of course, literal elements and text

4XSLT produces its result tree by throwing events from the emerging
SAX 2 standard to a handler, so it can be easily modified to supply
results to any SAX 2 consumer.


Changes in 0.7.2

 - Implemented named templates
 - Implemented the following instructions:
        o comment
        o copy
        o call-template
        o param
        o with-param
 - Packaging and implementation bug-fixes

More info and Obtaining 4XSLT

Please see


Or you can download 4XSLT from


4XSLT is distributed under a license similar to that of Python.

Uche Ogbuji
Consulting Member, FourThought LLC
http://FourThought.com          http://OpenTechnology.org

<P><A HREF="http://FourThought.com/4Suite/4XSLT">4XSLT 0.7.2</A> -
XML transformation processor based on the W3C specification for
the XSLT transform language.  (21-Oct-99)

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