JPython 1.1 beta 4

Barry A. Warsaw (Barry A. Warsaw)
Thu, 28 Oct 99 20:48:35 GMT

I'm pleased to announce the release of JPython 1.1 beta 4, the 100%
Pure Java implementation of the Python language.  Below is a summary
of changes since 1.1 beta 3.


  New JPython features and bug fixes

    - fixed a bug related to loading anonymous inner classes (PR#201).
      This is an experimental patch.  See registry file for entry
    - fixed Java exceptions when calling apply() with a bogus 3rd
      argument (PR#208)
    - fixed a 1.1beta3 problem with method objects having their
      im_self mysteriously changed out from under them (PR#186).
    - fixed problems with Python classes being deeply derived from
      Java classes and interfaces (PR#178, PR#195).
    - Improved memory footprint when using exec().
    - Dead threads are now reaped from thread state cache (Drew
    - Tuples, dictionaries, and strings now use fast method lookup

  Improved CPython 1.5.2 compatibility

    - md5 module supported (no need to download anything extra)
    - dir() on function objects now returns a list containing __doc__,
      func_doc, __namme__, func_name, func_globals, func_defaults,
      func_code.  __doc__/func_doc is writable (but not func_defaults
      and func_code, which are writable in CPython). (PR#192)
    - dir() on code objects returns a list containing co_name,
      co_argcount, co_varnames, co_filename, co_firstlineno, co_flags.
      Not supported: co_nlocals, co_code, co_consts, co_names,
      co_lnotab, co_stacksize.  All attributes are read-only.
    - dir() on method objects returns a list containing im_self,
      im_func, im_class, __doc__, __name__.  These attributes are

<P><A HREF="">JPython 1.1 beta 4</A> - a 100%
Pure Java implementation of the Python language.  (28-Oct-99)

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