Zope Weekly News - Wed, 25 Aug 1999

Pam Crosby pam@digicool.com
Tue, 21 Sep 99 06:51:48 GMT


We had several discussions on the mailing list as to the gender of Zope.
It's an 'it'.  For a relatively quiet, vacation week, we had another
beta release, some HowTo's and two announcements. 

CNET mentioned Zope favorably in Dan Shafer article about Python. Also,
Linux Today mention the same article.

Zope 2.0.0b5 release now available.  History of fixes available on line
and in the installation documentation.

Paolo Bizzarri has made available version 0.1 of the SQLPackage online.
Documentation is included in the email.


Alexander Staubo has announced Redirector 1.0.  Redirector is an
experimental folder product for redirecting object requests.

The O'Reilly conference went exceedingly well.  A review of the tutorial
Paul Everitt delivered:


Andreas Kostyrka offered a HowTo to change a DTML method into a document
or the other way. 

A mailing list strictly for the purposes of discussing E-Commerce
solutions using Zope has been established.  It's called ZCommerce.
Anyone who is interested in subscribing can either go to
  http://lists.codeit.com/mailman/listinfo/zcommerce to subscribe, or
email zcommerce-request@codeit.com with 'subscribe' as the subject to be
added to the list.

Until next week, Amos will be back!


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