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David Ascher
Tue, 21 Sep 99 07:04:16 GMT

This week's dispatch from the world of spam, spam and spam 'n eggs:

    Frank Willison, O'Reilly's editor in chief, muses about the
    open source communities in his column, and wears a subversive
    t-shirt when he talks to TechNetCast:

    Mike Olson gives a one-page (well, one HTML page!) introduction to
    CORBA, ORBs, etc. in LinuxWorld:

    Remco Gerlich reveals how to use Python's underappreciated
    line-completion tool automatically:

    Jeffrey Kunce gives some sample code to interface to Novell's
    Groupwise mailboxes:

    In a continuing heroic effort to answer as many questions as the
    bots, Robert Kern points out the best resources for folks wishing
    to learn how to program using Python:

    The regularly expressed problem of finding strings is match()'ed 
    by, naturally speaking, Tim Peters:

    Once again, Greg Ewing discreetly throws a grenade into the jello
    bowl.  This time, it's an implementation of a perennial favorite
    topic from the functional subspace, list comprehensions:

Everything you want is probably one or two clicks away in these pages:'s Python Language Website is the center of Pythonia

      Much of Python's real work takes place on Special-Interest Group
          mailing lists

      Python Consortium emerges as an independent nexus of activity

      Python To-Do List anticipates some of Python's future direction

      Python Journal is at work on its second issue

      Links2Go is a new semi-automated link collection; it's impressive
      what AI can generate

    Archive probing trick of the trade:

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