Article: Writing CGI Programs in Python

Markus Fleck
Thu, 23 Sep 99 05:10:57 GMT

Developer Shed: Writing CGI Programs in Python
Aug 27, 1999, 00:10 UTC (0 Talkbacks)

   [ Thanks to Matt Maxwell for this link. ]
   "Python is a powerful, free, open source,
   general purpose, interpreted programming
   language. Python runs on a wide variety of
   platforms including Linux..."             
   "Python is roughly comparable to Perl or  
   Java, though it has several significant
   strengths (and a few disadvantages) over  
   each. Python makes it very easy to write  
   clean, maintainable, and powerful programs
   for a variety of tasks with minimum       
   "... an old-time Perl hacker will usually 
   tell you that Perl really shines in       
   one-person 'quickie' jobs that will never
   have to be maintained by another human    
   being. The combination of Perl's          
   line-noise-like syntax and "There's More  
   Than One Way To Do It" philosophy often   
   results in an unmaintainable mess of a    

   "... if you are starting a brand new web
   application, you should consider Python
   and its "There Should Be One Obvious Way
   To Do It" philosophy.

   "Python has a much cleaner syntax than
   most languages and object orientation is
   built right into the core."

   Complete story:

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