COMMERCIAL: GRiNS 1.0 (Multimedia authoring software in Python) available

Sjoerd Mullender
Thu, 23 Sep 99 05:18:05 GMT

This is a commercial announcement.

Oratrix Development BV is proud to announce the release of version 1.0 
of the GRiNS Editor and Player for SMIL.

The GRiNS Editor for SMIL is a tool to create, edit, and preview
multimedia presentations for Web delivery.  The free GRiNS Player for
SMIL allows you to preview the presentations.  Presentations created
with GRiNS can be played with the Real Networks RealPlayer G2.

GRiNS uses the Synchronized Multimedia Interchange Language (SMIL --
see from the World Wide Web

GRiNS is completely written in Python (except for a few C extensions
to interface with system libraries).

As part of our work on GRiNS we have already donated various pieces of
software to the Python community, and we will continue to do so.

See our web page for more information
(<a href="">Clickable link</a>).

Also, see our press release at

-- Sjoerd Mullender <>
   Jack Jansen <>

<P><A HREF="">GRiNS 1.0</A> - commercial editor/player
for W3C SMIL (Synchronized Multimedia Interchange Language), written in
Python.  (02-Sep-99)

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