Python snippets site has moved!

Hans Nowak
Thu, 23 Sep 99 05:28:06 GMT

Due to problems with my previous host (, which has proven 
to be more than a little unstable, I deciced to move my snippets 
site. The new URL is 

Thanks to Blake Winton for offering me the account and the web space. 
(Lots of people suggested the Python Starship as the new snippet 
home, but I am not a PSA member. :-/ )

I will remove the HTML from the old address as soon as possible. By 
the way, I haven't been able to add any new snippets yet (counter is 
currently at 130). I do have a lot of them on my harddisk, 
unprocessed, some of which I hope to add soon. New snippets are 
always welcome, by the way. 

One more thing: The site still mentions as the email 
address to contact me about snippets, and while this address is still 
valid, I do not check it too often (due to my slow Internet 
connection; isn't that fast). You will get an answer more 
quickly if you contact me at I will get rid 
of the address in the near future.

--Hans Nowak (
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