COMMERCIAL: Zeus for Windows Programmer's Editor

Jussi Jumppanen
Thu, 23 Sep 99 05:30:40 GMT

Zeus for Windows Version 3.00 Now Released

The Zeus for Windows programmer's editor has been totally 
re-developed and the results of this full re-write are now
ready for use. The  Programmer's is designed to run on the
Windows 95, Windows 98 or NT platforms.

So what is new:
    1) New syntax highlighting engine should now support almost
          any language.

    2) Comes with pre-configured syntax highlighting for:

        C/C++, Java, Perl, HTML, Python, Pascal

       and is easily to almost any other language.

    3) New plugable scripting modules allows you to write Zeus
          macro scripts using the Python, LUA or Small C macro

    4) New configuration model now makes it even easier for you
          to configure Zeus to do just what you want.

    5) Enhanced compiler, project and tool support.

    6) Improved keyboard mapping.

You can download the shareware version from:

For some screen shots of Zeus in action goto:

For more details visit the Zeus web page:

Jussi Jumppanen
Author of: Zeus for Windows, Win32 (Brief, WordStar, Emacs) Text Editor
"The C/C++, Java, HTML, Pascal, Cobol, Fortran programmers text editor"

<P><A HREF="">Zeus for Windows Editor 3.00</A> -
commercial programmer's editor for Microsoft Windows; includes support
for editing Python programs.  (08-Sep-99)

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