PORPIG (Portland): Meeting October 4th, 1999, 7pm-9pm

Robin Dunn robin@alldunn.com
Thu, 23 Sep 99 05:49:03 GMT

Here is the announcment for the October meeting of the Portland ORegon area
Python Interest Group (PORPIG).

The meeting is from 7pm to 9pm and is held in the Benjamin Franklin
Building.  The entrance to the Benjamin Franklin Building is located on the
corner of SW 1st Ave and SW Columbia Street in Portland. The building
entrance is monitored by a security guard so it is very important that NON
GROUP MEMBERS RSVP so you can be listed at the security desk.

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Subject: [porpig] October Meeting

> The October 4th meeting subject is an "Introduction to and mini-tutorial
> of wxPython" presented by Robin Dunn. If you are not familiar with
> wxPython, please see Robin's web site for information:
> http://AllDunn.com/wxPython/
> Randall Burns has volunteered to provide drinks and snacks for this
> meeting.. thanks Randall !
> Rember, if you are not a porpig@egroups.com member you must RSVP
> (ray@unival.com) if you want to attend.
> Ray
> ray@unival.com

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