normalDate 0.7

Jeff Bauer
Fri, 24 Sep 99 00:53:49 GMT

Hi folks.

I don't keep a list of people who use NormalDate, a simple
Python date class, but Dan Winkler reminded me today that
I neglected to put in __add__, __sub__ methods.  For anyone
using it, the latest version is available:

>From the docstring:

    NormalDate is a specialized class to handle dates without
    all the excess baggage (time zones, daylight savings, leap
    seconds, etc.) of other date structures.  The minimalist
    strategy greatly simplifies its implementation and use.

    Internally, NormalDate is stored as an integer with values
    in a discontinuous range of -99990101 to 99991231.  The
    integer value is used principally for storage and to simplify
    the user interface.  Internal calculations are performed by
    a scalar based on Jan 1, 1900.

For people who are serious about their date calculations, I'd
recommend Marc-Andre Lemburg's mxDateTime:

For people who aren't so serious about their date calculations,
check out:

The Python distribution also includes a date class, which would
have saved me time, had I bothered to check.


Jeff Bauer
Rubicon Research

<P><A HREF="">normalDate
0.7</A> - updated version of Jeff Bauer's ''NormalDate''
class for date calculations based on scalar integers.  (21-Aug-99)

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