[fm] pagecast 1.1.1

Markus Fleck fleck@informatik.uni-bonn.de
Fri, 24 Sep 99 01:25:19 GMT

Pagecast 1.1.1
  Preston Landers - August 28th 1999, 22:16 EST

  Pagecast submits lists of URL's to various search engines such as
  AltaVista, Infoseek, Excite, Google, etc to be indexed. It can run from
  the command-line or as a mail-robot (email a list of URL's to
  pagecast@yourmachine). It has a few advanced features such as the
  ability to rate a URL's keyword-to-title relevance and fix broken meta
  tags. Pagecast requires Python (with threading.)

  Changes: This is a maintenance release, probably the last before a
  major rewrite of many features for a 2.0 release. All underscores have
  been removed from Pagecast since some versions of Python have problems
  with underscores in config file variable names, added 3 new search
  engines, new documentation on how to add a search engine, and debugging
  command line option.

   Download: http://askpreston.com/projects/pagecast/pagecast-1.1.1.tar.gz
   Homepage: http://askpreston.com/projects/pagecast/index.html
  Changelog: http://askpreston.com/projects/pagecast/ChangeLog.txt

                  Author:Preston Landers
              Depends on:Python

copyright (c) 1999 scoop@freshmeat.net

<P><A HREF="http://askpreston.com/projects/pagecast/index.html">Pagecast
1.1.1</A> - submit lists of URLs to search engine spiders.  (28-Aug-99)

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