Adam Feuer
Fri, 24 Sep 99 01:26:05 GMT

adzapper 0.1.27

adzapper is a filtering proxy that blocks ads from being downloaded
and displayed by your web browser. Instead of ad banners, you see
blank spaces: adzapper transforms the ads into transparent gifs.

adzapper is written with performance and flexibility in mind-- it's
small and fast, and its filter rules are in site-specific files
("zaplets") that are easy to make and easy to share. adzapper also
comes with many premade zaplets.

adzapper is written entirely in Python and is released under the Zope
Public License.


Adam Feuer
adamf at

<P><A HREF="">adzapper 0.1.27</A> -
filtering web proxy that blocks ads from being downloaded.  (30-Aug-99)

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