[fm] tabla 0.2

Markus Fleck fleck@informatik.uni-bonn.de
Fri, 24 Sep 99 01:29:31 GMT

  asharma - August 31st 1999, 19:03 EST

  TABLA is a Python script that can build simple HTML tables. It is
  similar to some other cgi-based HTML table builders but has more
  functionality and presents a simpler, cleaner user interface. With the
  right Web server permissions, TABLA is ideal for allowing non-HTML
  experts to maintain complex data tables such as schedules or lab
  results or team statistics.

  Changes: First public release.

      Download: http://www.cwareco.com/downloads.html
      Homepage: http://www.cwareco.com/tabla.html

                  Author:R Adkins
              Depends on:Python 1.5+

copyright (c) 1999 scoop@freshmeat.net

<P><A HREF="http://www.cwareco.com/tabla.html">TABLA 0.2</A> - 
Python script for building and (interactively) editing
HTML-based tables.  (31-Aug-99)

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