BeOS native API modules, v0.1

Donn Cave
Fri, 24 Sep 99 01:52:26 GMT

A system for the generation of dynamically loaded modules for the
C++ BeOS system API.  A few modules included (33), and example programs,
including a usable if miminal USENET news reader.

The BeOS C++ API uses virtual methods for system callbacks for things
like dispatch loops.  This model is preserved in the Python system,
by a feature of the C++ objects that allows them to be bound to a
Python class instance that can implement the virtual callback methods.
I believe the general idea for this comes from a paper by Jim Ahlstrom.

Each module implements only the function methods introduced by its
respective API class, and imports base class modules as needed.

It's work in progress:

	Donn Cave,

<P><A HREF="">BeOS native API modules 0.1</A> - 
Python interface to the BeOS C++ API; includes example programs
such as a minimal USENET news reader.  (06-Sep-99)

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