PYRO 0.6 (Python Remote Objects)

Irmen de Jong
Fri, 24 Sep 99 01:52:44 GMT


Python Remote Objects

by Irmen de Jong -


Pyro is an acronym for PYthon Remote Objects. It is a basic Distributed
Object Technology system written entirely in Python, and for use in Python
only. With this, it closely resembles Java's Remote Method Invocation (RMI).
It has less similarity to CORBA - which is a system- and language
independent Distributed Object Technology and has much more to offer than
Pyro or RMI. But Pyro is small, simple and free!

It has some interesting features:

- Naming Service which keeps record of the location of objects. The location
  of the NS can be discovered by use of a broadcast mechanism, if need be.

- Support for Python types only restricted by those that the standard
  'pickle' module handles (all builtin types, and user created classes).
  Objects as arguments are also supported when the code for those user
  defined classes is also available on the server side.

- Support for all Python argument types (variable argument lists and keyword
  arguments, *args and **keywords).

- Exceptions that occur in the remote object will actually be raised too on
  the client, just as if the error occured locally. Pyro's exception
  transportation mechanism makes this possible.

- Proxy compiler which automates the task of creating wrapper (proxy)

- Dynamic Proxies if you don't like to have pregenerated proxies.


>From my Python homepage:

It comes with a Python-style license, but is otherwise free for
commercial and non-commercial use.


<P><A HREF="">Pyro
0.6</A> - Distributed Objects system for Python.  (06-Sep-99)

Irmen de Jong -

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