Python/ORBit Bindings

J.W. Bizzaro
Sat, 25 Sep 99 02:02:47 GMT

                   PyORBit: Python/ORBit Bindings

PyORBit is a project to create Python bindings for ORBit, a fast, 
lightweight CORBA ORB used by the GNOME Desktop for application and 
component interaction (similar to Microsoft's COM). These bindings will be 
distributed under the GNU LGPL license.  

PyORBit will follow the proposed OMG Python bindings to insure compliance
and compatibility, but we will also consider non-standard, optional
extensions to improve performance and add features, if necessary.

Version 0.0.1 of PyORBit is already available thanks to Michael
Robinson's contribution of his Python/ORBit bindings. This initial 
implementation should be functional for simple interfaces (assuming it
compiles for you). However, this version is considered a developers-only
release, as the structure and layout of later PyORBit releases will likely
change to some degree. Regardless, bug reports and patches are welcome.

PyORBit is coordinated by Justin Bradford <>.

Source and a developer's mailing list can be found at:

The PyORBit project is hosted by The Open Lab, a non-profit organization
established to promote research collaborations and free-software
development in the scientific field of bioinformatics.


<P><A HREF="">PyORBit 0.0.1</A> - beginnings
of Python bindings for <A HREF="">ORBit</A>
(the free, C-based, light-weight CORBA ORB used by the GNOME
project).  (10-Sep-99)

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