4DOM 0.8.1

Mike Olson Mike.Olson@FourThought.com
Sat, 25 Sep 99 02:11:48 GMT

FourThought LLC (http://FourThought.com) announces the release of

                             4DOM 0.8.1
                  An implementation of the W3C's
                  Document Object Model in Python

4DOM is a close implementation of the DOM recommendation, including
DOM Core level 1, DOM HTML level 1, NodeIterator and TreeWalker from
DOM Level 2, and several utility and helper components.  4DOM can work
in a CORBA* enviroment, or in a purely local set-up.

4DOM is designed to allow developers rapidly design applications
that read, write or manipulate HTML and XML.

0.8.1 News

The DOM Level 2 Core Interfaces have been implemented.
Bugs were fixed in Printer, Attr and elsewhere.
__repr__ has been added so that orbless users can get more useful
results from printing Node instances.

0.8.0 News

There have been many changes to 4DOM since the last major release, 0.7.0.
There were two more releases, which were only bundled with 4XSL.  For a  
complete listing, please see


But some highlights:

* Support for non-CORBA usage
* Improved performance
* DOM Level 2 NodeFilters and NodeIterators
* Pythonic interface for NodeLists and NamedNodeMaps
* XML Namespace support (proprietary until W3C decides chooses between
  the proposed Level 2 interfaces)
* Several interface changes in Ext
* Re-organized module structure   
* Explicit garbage-collection method
* Better-tested Fnorb and Ilu support
* Many bug-fixes

More info and Obtaining 4DOM

Please see


Or you can download 4DOM from


4DOM is distributed under a license similar to that of Python.

*For CORBA users, 4DOM directly supports ILU and Fnorb.

Mike Olson
Consulting Member, FourThought LLC
http://FourThought.com          http://OpenTechnology.org

<P><A HREF="http://FourThought.com/4Suite/4DOM">4DOM 0.8.1</A> -
CORBA-aware implementation of the W3C Document Object Model (DOM),
supports Fnorb, ILU and "ORB-less" operation.  (14-Sep-99)

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