GLADE/libglade: RAD GUI Building for GNOME/GTK+

Markus Fleck
Sat, 25 Sep 99 02:31:45 GMT

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Lots of gushing about Glade


Check these out if you haven't. Glade is a nice GUI builder, it has
lots of features and it's reasonably stable at version 0.5. Glade
saves files in XML format; at runtime, your application can load them
up using libglade.  Basically this at least halves the number of lines
of code involved for simple applications. It's very nice. We wrote a 
floppy formatter interface in 15 minutes just now.

New Glade announced:

New libglade announced:

Note that the James Henstridge, the libglade author, is also the
author of PyGNOME.  He has Python bindings for libglade too. So you
can combine Python with the GUI builder and create GNOME applications
very, very quickly.


FAQ: Frequently-Asked Questions at

<P><A HREF="">GLADE/libglade</A> - a GUI builder for
GTK+ and GNOME that saves UI descriptions as XML files; also usable with
PyGNOME.  (21-Sep-99)

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