Prizes for open-source Eiffel software
Sun, 26 Sep 99 08:33:48 GMT

The Non-Profit International Consortium for Eiffel (NICE):

is organising the 3rd Annual Eiffel Struggle and made an initial
call for participation in June 1999:

First prize is $2,000 (two thousand) US, 2nd prize is 1000 Euros
(one thousand) with the 15 other prizes ranging from professional
compilers/libraries as well attendenace at one of the TOOLS
conferences (USA, Europe, Pacific) (including accomodation and
air travel). A number of book awards are also available.

The closing date for submissions is 15 October 1999 (~3 weeks to go).

The results from last years Eiffel Struggle '98 are here:

There are plenty of getting started resources available from the call
for participation page. These include:

Good starting places for existing libraries include:

Obviously it would be nice to have some of the comprehensive Python

adapted to Eiffel. Some starting library resources for Linux include:


Geoff Eldridge / Secretary - Eiffel/NICE

Join NICE:

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<P><A HREF="">3rd Annual
Eiffel Struggle</A> - The Non-Profit ''International Consortium for Eiffel''
(NICE) calls for an open-source reimplementation of the Python libraries
for the Eiffel language.  (25-Sep-99)

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