Psion Series 5mx/7: Yet another Python port

Otfried Cheong nospam@nospam.please
Sun, 26 Sep 99 08:39:02 GMT

I've made a port of Python 1.5.2 to the Epoc operating system (as on
the Psion Series 5mx, Series 7, NetBook, or Ericson MC218) available
at  This is a study in embedding Python
in EPOC applications, and therefore has a quite different user
interface from Duncan Booth's port.  It behaves like a standard EPOC
application, and you can run Python code by tapping it from the system

Otfried Cheong

<P><A HREF="">Python for
EPOC32</A> - another port of Python for the EPOC32 operating system,
as used in Psion Series 5mx palmtops. (25-Sep-99)

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