ldap-client-cgi.py 0.5.0: WWW gateway for accessing LDAP servers

Michael Ströder michael.stroeder@inka.de
Thu, 30 Sep 99 06:38:02 GMT


I would like to announce a new version of ldap-client-cgi.py, a
WWW-LDAP-Gateway written in Python.

It's available for free (GPL) from


There's also a working demo there.

I would like to encourage people to give feedback about the usability
of this program.

Ciao, Michael.

Changes since 0.4.4
- complete re-design of add/modify
- client-side schema checking with appropriate input forms
  for required and allowed attributes
- automatically checking for missing parent DNs if add fails
  with "NO SUCH OBJECT" for reducing FAQ-traffic on
  OpenLDAP mailing lists ;-)
- support for setting hashed passwords ({crypt},{md5} and {sha})
- minor enhancements of user interface
- some small bug fixes

<P><A HREF="http://sites.inka.de/ms/python/ldap-client-cgi/">ldap-client-cgi.py
0.5.0</A> - LDAP web client, now with support for client-side schema
checking and hashed passwords.  (27-Sep-99)

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