GUI-builder for PyQt/PyKDE

Henning Schroeder
Thu, 30 Sep 99 06:49:03 GMT

Hi there,

[...] I am working on a visual IDE based on the Qt and KDE bindings for
Python. Therefore I implemented a small component library which fits the
needs for visual development. I call the library ViPyl. It consists mainly
of some wrapper classes around Qt widgets and adds property support to them.
Unique and easy event handling is under development and currently not
available. So it is not ready for real development yet.

If you are interested int ViPyl and the GUI builder look at the following
page for some screenshots and for an alpha version to download:

Suggestions are welcome!


<P><A HREF="">ViPyl (Visual
Python Library) 0.1</A> - beginnings of a visual GUI builder for
PyQT/PyKDE.  (25-Sep-99)

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