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Guido van Rossum
Thu, 30 Sep 99 06:50:29 GMT

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I did a search for Python on and found several new Python
books that are likely to hit the shelves soon.  Here's the list:

The Quick Python Book 
	Daryl Harms, Kenneth McDonald. Published by Manning
	Publications. Expected September 1999.

Python Essential Reference
	David Beazley. With a foreword by Guido van Rossum. Published
	by New Riders. Expected October 1999.

Programming with Python
	Tim Altom. Published by Prima Publishing. Expected October 20,

Python and Tkinter Programming
	John E. Grayson. Published by Manning Publications. Expected
	November 1999.

Python Annotated Archives
	Martin Brown. Published by McGraw-Hill. Expected September 1999. 

Python Programming on Win 32
	Mark Hammond, Andy Robinson. Published by O'Reilly. Expected
	September 1999.

Sams Teach Yourself Python in 24 Hours
	Ivan Van Laningham. Published by Sams. Expected November 1999.

We expect to have a bookstand at the Python conference in January
where you can buy these and other Python books.  I've also added this

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