PSI - Python Script Interface
Thu, 30 Sep 99 06:43:05 GMT

This is the announcement of the PSI (Python Script Interface) version

The PSI is a FastCGI like interface between the Apache webserver and
long running python scripts.

The package consists of an Apache module (mod_psi) that handles client
CGI requests and a simple python based framework for publishing long
running CGI scripts.

The purpose of PSI is to be able to use python based CGI scripts without
the need to invoke the interpreter for every request, and to share some
global 'state' (db connections, sessions, etc) between each request.

This software is very very alpha. I am releasing this as a way to
generate some comment on the design/implementation.

PSI_0.01 can be downloaded from:

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<P><A HREF="">PSI 0.0.1 (click to
download as .tar.gz file)</A> - Python Script Interface; an Apache module
for long-running Python CGI scripts, similar to FastCGI.  (28-Sep-99)

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