gnome-python-1.0.40 and pygtk-0.6.3 (fwd)

James Henstridge
Thu, 30 Sep 99 09:11:14 GMT

I have just released gnome-python-1.0.40, the bindings that allow you to
write gnome programs with the python language.  This release is mainly a
bug fix release, but it does add a few features such as GnomeDruid support
and gnome support in the libglade module.

It is available from

The pygtk package (which is contained in gnome-python) will soon be
available from:

Please test this release and report any bugs you find either directly to
me, or through the GNOME bug tracker.



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<P><A HREF="">pygtk-0.6.3 and
gnome-python-1.0.40</A> - bindings for the GTK+ widget set and the GNOME
libraries.  (30-Sep-99)

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