gmpy 0.6 released (fast, high-precision arithmetic)

Alex Martelli
Thu, 7 Dec 2000 12:49:39 +0100

"GMP is a free library for arbitrary precision arithmetic,
operating on signed integers, rational numbers, and floating
point numbers" -- stands for "GNU Multiple Precision"
arithmetic library, lives at

gmpy (General Multiprecision PYthon arithmetical stuff)
is (initially) a Python 2.0 module interfacing to GMP 3.1,
homepage, project summary
page at

Current gmpy version is 0.6 (pre-alpha): fully exposes
GMP's rich functionality for mpz (unlimited precision
integers), mostly exposes mpf (multiple precision floats),
mpq (rational numbers), random-number generation; not yet
mpfr (enhanced version of multiple-precision floats).

(Changes wrt 0.5: substantial speedup of MPQ via
caching [& alloca in MSVC++], workaround for GMP
scan0/scan1 bug, more precise conversions & better
tracking of mpf precision, many minor additions,
cleanups, doc updates, more tests.
Changes wrt 0.4: completely exposes MPZ, adds MPQ,
random numbers, more unit-tests & timing/examples,
doc updates, sundry minor cleanups.
Changes wrt 0.3: docstrings added; minor cleanups,
speedups, additions; added C API and sample module;
added timing/example scripts.
Changes wrt 0.2: substantial speedups, additions,
and cleanups.
Changes wrt 0.1: bugfixes, additions, speedups...).

Gmpy sources (needed for ALL platforms, as they include
documentation, unit-tests, distutils' are at:
(for non-Win32 platforms, you'll have to download and
install GMP 3.1.1 separately before you can build gmpy
from these sources, see

Gmpy binaries for Win32 / MSVC++6 are available at:
    Lundy's port of GMP.LIB 3.1.1, and GMP.H (only needed
    if you intend to rebuild GMPY.PYD from sources with
    Microsoft VC++6 on Win32). is also OK for this
    (but you have to know exactly what to get from there...).
    pre-built gmpy.pyd (release: pre-alpha 0.5), only needed
    on Win32 and if you do NOT intend to rebuild GMPY.PYD.