Python Moderated Forum

Jeff Brown
Tue, 12 Dec 2000 13:59:30 GMT

Per Tim Peter's, I had asked if I may have a link placed on the
site, he had requested me to inform the users here.

    I have started a moderated help forum on  programming and graphics. The
forum consists of the major programming languages like C++, Python, Visual
Basic, HTML, JAVA, CGI/ASP, etc. and the Graphics Forum has your major
graphics editors. This board has just finished the final beta testing and is
now accepting public members to provide help for at no charge.

    I am currently looking for moderators to help with posts and the TOS
(Terms of service). If you are interested in either becoming a moderator, or
a member stop by for more details.
Currently JKD is the moderator for the Python Forum. I am KYCable the forum
admin. If you have any questions you can contact me at

    I hope that this may become a wonderful experience for each the users
and moderators.

    Thank You,
        Jeff Brown (aka KYCable)