Zope Weekly News - Wed, 2 Feb 2000

Mike Pelletier mike@digicool.com
Sun, 06 Feb 00 17:32:56 GMT


    Zope Weekly News is a digest of some of the useful and interesting
    events which have occurred on the various Zope mailing lists and the
    Zope.org site.  It is published each Wednesday evening.

    Any opinions contained in the Zope Weekly News are those of the
    chronicler exclusively.

    Suggestions for ZWN items are happily accepted.  Please mail them
    to <mike@digicool.com>, put 'ZWN' somewhere in the subject and
    remember to include URLs.


  * ActiveState has announced it will be offering industrial-strength
    commercial Python support.  ActiveState is renowned for their
    Perl support and development tools.  The press release, linked
    below, includes comments from Paul Everitt.


  * Frank Wilson, editor-in-chief at O'Reilly, presently has quite a
    lot of commentary on the IPC8, Python, Zope and Digital Creations
    in his "Frankly Speaking" column.


  * O'Reilly recently launched their new portal, O'Reilly Network.
    The prestigious first feature is an interview with Paul Everitt,
    which explores some of the hidden gotchas and bonuses of opening
    up your software.  The interview is available as text and three
    flavours of audio: High bandwidth RealAudio, low bandwidth
    RealAudio, and MP3.  Nice!


  * You can now follow ZopeStudio (aka the Zope-Mozilla Initiative) as
    it evolves by tracking the new ZopeMozilla CVS.  For more
    information, see:


  * The Zope Portal Toolkit (PTK) is now a Real Live Product, and is
    also avalialable to be tracked by CVS.  See the post in the
    zope-ptk@zope.org list.


  * Chris McDonough <chrism@digicool.com> reported ZDNet UK's analysis
    of open source application servers Zope and Midgard.


  * Trey Seaver <tseaver@palladion.com> announced the commencement of
    the Zope Guru of the Week "contest".  Trey even made the
    application handling the ZGotW downloadable.


  * "jwashin" submitted a "ZClasses Survey/quiz product".  It is still
    undergoing development, and contributions are welcome.


  * Geeknews.org published an interesting interview with Rick
    Collette, head developer for SPIRO Linux.  In it, Rick explains
    the reasoning behind including Zope as a distribution component.


  * Linux Weekly News offered the following link to ZopeNewbies'
    coverage of the IPC8 and it's Zope Track.  Photos!


New Releases

  * Zope 2.1.3 has been released. This update contains fixes for a
    race condition that could cause Zope to hang on very high-traffic
    sites, two database packing bugs, and a bug that caused Zope to
    sometimes hang instead of shutting down when the shutdown function
    was accessed over a very fast network.


  * "ngps" announced the availability of a very exciting product,
    "M2Crypto", which allows ZServer (and so Zope) to speak SSL


  * RainDog submitted version 0.0.1 of TTImage.  TTImage renders
    arbitrary text to images on-the-fly.


  * "haqa" has contributed "Favourite Links", a ZClass-based product
    which presumably manages a collection of links.


Updates and Patches

  * "kslee" contributed Zope patch which allows you to select from a
    list of default contents when creating a DTML Method/Document.


  * "faassen" released version 0.2 of ZFormulator.


  * "phd" announced that mod_pcgi2 has reached version 1.0.0.


  * "jephte" updated jcNTUserFolder to version 0.0.2.


  * "kslee" spent some time hacking on ZCatalog's splitter.py and the
    result was Voodoo Kludge Splitter.  The splitter is what
    determines word breaks for full text searches.  The Voodoo Kludge
    Splitter allows full text searches of non-ASCII content, such as
    Korean, Japanese and Chinese.  There are caveats to be aware of.


  * Evan Simpson <evan@4-am.com> has brought his SiteAccess product up
    to version 1.0.0.  This is the first stable release.  SiteAccess
    allows you to use virtual hosting to make non-root Zope objects
    appear to be the root of your website.


  * "htrd" contributed a Zope hack which "provides support for wide
    character strings in ZPublisher, property pages, and property


  * "jules" contributed a HowTo which describes the creation of
    "Smarter" forms.  The idea is to prevent the user from ever having
    to go "Back" by representing forms with prior inputs already
    filled in.


  * Another HowTo from "jules", this one describes auto-starting Zope
    on boot on a SuSE 6.3 system.


Zope.org items

  * Chris Petrilli <petrilli@digicool.com> has made all the slides
    from the tutorials he offered at the Zope Track of IPC8 available


  * "kusako" contributed a Tip which explains how to catalog a group
    of properties as though they were one.


  * Miklos Nemeth <nemeth@iqsoft.hu> submitted "How-To: Using Emacs
    with Zope on RedHat 6.1".  It appears to walk the user through
    using Emacs as a Zope development environment.


  * "rbickers" wrote an excellent HowTo on Running Zope on BeOS.  The
    HowTo includes links to a suitable Zope binary.


  * Continuing a thread, Jeffrey Shell <jeffrey@digicool.com> wrote a
    similar HowTo for MacOS X.


  * "jephte" submitted a HowTo describing how to make Zope work in
    remote user mode (this is, making the webserver deal with
    Authentication) in conjunction with IIS.


  * Chris Pertilli <petrilli@digicool.com> has started a Z SQL Method
    FAQ.  He is accepting additional questions and answers.


  * Chris McDonough <chrism@digicool.com> wrote an EXTENSIVE HowTo
    describing the process of installing Zope and upgrading an
    existing Zope installation, complete with screenshots.  If you are
    having difficulty getting Zope off the ground, this looks like the
    place to start.


  * Miklos Nemeth <nemeth@iqsoft.hu> also contributed a HowTo about
    using the SQL Sessions product.  SQL Sessions allows you to store
    arbitrary per-visitor state in an SQL database.


  * John Udell <udell@monad.net> wrote "How-To: A <dtml-calendar>
    example", which demonstrates managing per-date data with the
    <dtml-calendar> tag presenting the interface.


  * "anthony" submitted "How-To: Choosing to store data in SQL vs
    ZODB".  In it, he supplies a number of questions you can ask
    yourself to determine whether to keep application data in the Zope
    database or an external one.


  * Miklos Nemeth <nemeth@iqsoft.hu> has written another HowTo
    targeted at RedHat 6.1 users: "Zope and Apache on RedHat 6.1".


  * Another Chris McDonough <chrism@digicool.com> HowTo: "Using the
    Zope Debug Log to Track Down Hangs".  This HowTo includes a log
    file analyser.


  * Jim Fulton has made three of his IPC8 presentations available.
    They are "Introduction to the Zope Object Database", "Acquisition
    Algebra", and "Zope Architecture".


Mike Pelletier.

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