Announcement of GROUP.lounge 0.3b

Christian Scholz
Sun, 20 Feb 2000 00:54:34 +0100 (CET)

Announcement of GROUP.lounge 0.3b

Written in 1999-2000 by Christian "Mr Topf" Scholz

What is GROUP.lounge?

GROUP.lounge is a tool for collaborations over the world wide web.

It enables a group of people to effectively work over the internet on
documents. It enables you to share documents, notes, etc. with people
all over the world.

Features of GROUP.lounge

 - enables a group of people on the internet to work together
 - stores notes (normal text) and documents (any data) organized in folders.
 - keeps history on who changed when some object.
 - gives users the ability to invite other people to share a folder.
 - Is easily customizable in layout/design through html templates
 - WebDAV support to work with it e.g. via WebFolders
 - object oriented design for easy implementation of new object types


The recent version is 0.3b

New in 0.3b

- fixed commit function
- fixed problem with homedir link in path when editing members
- MOVE will now be stored in the event subscriptions
- little stylesheet enhancements

You can find it at

Christian Scholz

<P><A HREF="">GROUP.lounge 0.3b</A> - a python based groupware server with Web and WebDAV interfacesthe DISLIN.  (20-Feb-2000)