Compiler SIG

Jeremy Hylton
Fri, 25 Feb 00 08:36:00 GMT

You are invited to join the Compiler SIG:

The Web pages about the SIG still need a lot of work, but they provide
some indication of the SIG's purpose:

    This SIG provides a forum for discussing compilation and program
    analysis issues. Unlike most SIGs, it does not have a specific
    mandate or deliverable. There are several independent projects to
    develop compilers, type checkers, and related tools.

Ka-Ping Yee took notes on the Dev Day session on compilers.  It
provides more background about the SIG:

I am putting together a list of Python compiler and program analysis
projects.  If you are responsible for such a project, I'd appreciate
it if you could send me a URL and a brief description.  I'll post the
final list on the compiler-sig Web page.


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