Zope Weekly News - Wed, 16 Feb 2000

Mike Pelletier mike@digicool.com
Fri, 25 Feb 00 08:38:12 GMT


    Zope Weekly News is a digest of some of the useful and interesting
    events which have occurred on the various Zope mailing lists and the
    Zope.org site.  It is published each Wednesday evening.

    Any opinions contained in the Zope Weekly News are those of the
    chronicler exclusively.


  * Lalo Martins has begun writing a Zope tutorial in Brazilian
    Portuguese.  His announcement stated he was halfway through, and
    that it was already useful.


New Products

  * Software Product: "Local Factory Objects", submitted by "lalo"

    This package appears to allow you to create Factory objects
    (objects which manage the creation of ZClass instances) in places
    other than a Software Product.  This is useful to prevent the
    'Add' list from becoming unwieldy by placing the Factories in the
    relevant portions of the site, rather than making them globally


  * Software Product: "Persistent List and Dictionary", submitted by

    Like the PersistentMapping object, PersistentList and
    PersistentDict are classes that look like the basic Python types
    of the same names, but which are persistent and which alert the
    ZODB when their contents have changed.  PersistentDict differs
    from PersistentMapping in two respects-- It is not limited to
    strings as keys, and it does not hide keys that begin with an


  * Software Product: "ZDP Tools 0.1", submitted by "roeder"

    This is a distribution of the very tools that make the Zope
    Documentation Project work.  Follow the second link below to see
    the ZDP in action for an idea of what is possible with this


  * Software Product: "StructuredText Document", submitted by

    This is a very simple, ZClass based Product which provides a means
    of displaying structured text documents without creating a second
    DTML Method to wrap the structured text.  This is often very

    Note that ZClasses cannot be used as a Folder's index_html.



  * Software Product: "load_site.py with additional features",
    submitted by "itmar"

    This is a modification of the load_site utility that comes with
    Zope.  This utility sucks files and directories out of a local
    filesystem and creates corresponding Zope objects with their
    contents.  Itmar has made some useful changes: the DTML it
    generates is now in the new Zope 2 syntax; certain HTML metadata
    and display options may be placed in object properties; javascript
    can be stripped out of headers (for making Dreamweaver output more
    lightweight); can clean up output of certain Microsoft products so
    that quotes display properly on other platforms.


  * Software Product: "ZWiki 0.4", submitted by "simon"

    ZWiki is a product which allows the creation of wiki webs in Zope.
    What is a wiki web?  Well, I'm not sure, but Peter Merel says that
    the typical wiki web is "insecure, indescriminate, user-hostile,
    slow, and full of difficult, nit-picking people."  And these are
    the GOOD points!  Seriously, a Wiki Web appears to be a dynamic
    web site which is built, torn down and rebuilt by anonymous users.

    0.4 adds a number of tweaks, tunings, and new default content.
    See the link for details.  "simon"'s news item does not include a
    link to the Product, so it's included below as a second link.


Zope.org items

  * How-To: "Build a WAP site with Zope", submitted by "Duncan"

    This HowTo describes what you would need to do to allow Zope to
    serve WML pages to cell phones, PDAs, and other wireless devices
    via WAP.  It addresses issues such as setting the content type
    correctly, caching, serving bitmaps, and making the standard Zope
    html-include files both WML and HTML-friendly.


  * "Zope Docs", submitted by "AlexR"

    This is a pretty handy resource.  "AlexR" has compiled all the
    HowTo documents on Zope.org and made them available as a
    printer-friendly Adobe PDF file.  In addition, this page has links
    to a pair of printer-friendly lists of all the HowTo documents on
    Zope.org, one sorted by name, and one by date.


  * How-To: "add users in python", submitted by "element"

    In addition to describing the process for adding users to a Zope
    server from a Python Product, this brief How-To also describes
    adding the actual User Folder ('acl_users'), adding a local role,
    and assigning a role to a user.

  * How-to: "Generate URLs for Objects", submitted by "jim"

    This is a very thorough How-To on a common, but simple (once you
    know the trick) problem.  Astonishingly, Jim manages to stretch a
    one-line answer into a two-page document.  I don't want to spoil
    the surprise ending, but it is possible to ask an object for it's
    canonical URL, and this How-To explains how.


Mike Pelletier.

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