Temporary mail problems to python.org

Python.Org Webmaster webmaster@python.org (Python.Org Webmaster)
Fri, 25 Feb 00 08:38:24 GMT

Some of you may have experienced temporary problems sending mail to
the python.org domain.  As of about noon EST, Monday 21-Feb-2000,
these problems should have been resolved, and your queued up messages
should be getting delivered to email addresses @python.org.

In brief, we are in the process of moving most python.org services to
a faster machine.  Friday afternoon (in direct and willful violation
of Warsaw's Second Law[1]), we changed the MX record for python.org to
point to dinsdale.python.org.  Most email was already being handled by
this machine, but via a clunky forwarding scheme through the old
machine.  Unfortunately, due to a misconfiguration of CNRI's gateway,
traffic to the smtp port of dinsdale was being blocked.  This should
now be fixed, and queued mail should be flowing again; no mail should
have actually been lost.

If you experience any residual problems please let us know (you can
email me directly at my CNRI address, which was unaffected).


[1] http://www.python.org/~bwarsaw/software/laws.html

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