Stefan Schwarzer
Tue, 04 Jan 00 03:07:56 GMT

I would like to announce 0.1 beta.

makepage takes a "description file" and a file with HTML format information
and generates HTML files. The description file contains the logical layout
(title, sections, subsections) and the text of the document. Additionally,
makepage generates a list of hyperlinks to the sections at the top of the
page. By supplying an own format file the default formatting
(see <>)
can be changed easily.

An example is at
This is the makepage documentation page generated with makepage
itself and only the default format file.

The package can be downloaded from

Please send comments, suggestions, bug reports to
Stefan Schwarzer <> .


<P><A HREF="">makepage
0.1 beta (CLICK TO DOWNLOAD ZIP FILE)</A> - generate a HTML file from a       
logical layout and a general HTML format file.  (27-Dec-99)

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