New Cephes module with arraymap method

Travis Oliphant
Tue, 04 Jan 00 03:09:28 GMT

I'm announcing the availability of Version 1.2 of the Cephes module at

Cephes module provides many special functions of physics to the Numerical
Python user as ufuncs which are generalized functions that automatically
map over array arguments and follow useful broadcasting rules.  

I would like to see more special functions added to the library even if
they are written in Python.

Towards that end, version 1.2 contains a new python wrapper module called that can include Python-only special functions.  

In addition, I have added a method to cephesmodule called arraymap that
acts like the map function but performs the broadcasting rules of ufuncs
and returns Numerical Python arrays as output.  

I have also included a class that allows wrapping a Python function that
takes scalar inputs and returns scalar outputs and returns a ufunc-like
function which automatically maps over array input arguments following the
ufunc broadcasting rules to return appropriately-sized outputs.

So, if you can't figure out how to "vectorize" your function.  You can
wrap it in this class and get mapping behavior automatically.  The
looping is all written in C and so is reasonably fast.

Comments and contributions are welcome.

Travis Oliphant

<P><A HREF="">SpecialFuncs 1.2</A> - an
extension module also known as cephes which provides many special
functions of physics to the Numerical Python user.  (28-Dec-99)

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