pyCA-0.6.3 - tools for setting up a certificate authority

Michael Ströder
Wed, 12 Jan 00 06:56:29 GMT


I would like to announce a new beta release of my package pyCA, a set of
scripts and CGI-BIN programs written in Python for setting up and
running a X.509 certificate authority using OpenSSL.


for more details.

Note: This will be the last feature release in the 0.6.x series. Only
bug fixes will be added in this branch. The upcoming release 0.7.0 and
above will be incompatible to 0.6.x installations.

Plans for 0.7.0
- based on M2Crypto (a Python module for accessing the OpenSSL libs)
- database support for storing cert and user data
- replacement for "openssl ca" command
- localization support for different character sets
This may take a while...

Ciao, Michael.

Changes since 0.6.2:
- Many small bugfixes and small enhancements

<P><A HREF="">pyca-0.6.3</A> - scripts
and CGI-BIN programs for setting up and running a certificate
authority using OpenSSL.  (27-Dec-99)

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