python davserver 0.5

Christian Scholz
Wed, 12 Jan 00 07:01:56 GMT


Release 0.5 of my davserver for python is ready for download.

Now MOVE and COPY also work. Moreover some internal stuff has changed
to make it more flexible. And of course bugs also have been fixed.

python davserver is supposed to act as generic server which can easily
be used by different applications. All one has to do is to write an
interfaces class which acts as a link between the application and
the actual WebDAV server.

You can download it at:

The homepage is available at:

best wished for 2000 (still 2:20 h to go here..)

-- Christian

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<P><A HREF="">python davserver
0.5</A> - an extensible <A HREF="">WebDAV</A>
(RFC 2518) server class for Python; for adding WebDAV functionality
to a variety of applications.  (01-Jan-2000)

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