XMLTreeCntrol 0.1

Darrell news@dorb.com
Wed, 12 Jan 00 07:20:39 GMT

I mentioned my xmlP tree control as a code example and started getting lots
of hits. But it wasn't really in any shape for public consumption. I fixed a
couple of things and packaged all the required files into a zip.

Also a screen shot http://www.dorb.com/darrell/xmlP/scrn.jpg the numbers to
the right are the line number.

It will view anything with tags in it.
Things like this aren't handled: <![CDATA[         expr="age > 18" ]]>
That came from the Zope site, so I have some more work todo someday.

If you have wxPython it should work at least as good as it does for me.


<P><A HREF="http://www.dorb.com/darrell/xmlP/">XMLTreeCntrol
0.1</A> - a simple graphical XML tree control for
wxWindows/wxPython.  (08-Jan-2000)

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