Installer - Linux beta 01, Windows beta 3f

Gordon McMillan
Wed, 12 Jan 00 07:21:55 GMT

The new betas are available at:

The Windows beta is bug fixes:
  - run from CDROM works
  - some path problems fixed
  - some case-mismatch problems fixed

The Linux beta is the first release for this platform. It includes these 
 - turning a script into an isolated single-directory installation
 - building compressed Python code archives
 - building zip-like archives that can contain anything

(Actually, the latter two capabilites should work on any Unix platform).

Installations created this way are completely insulated from any Python 
installations on the target machine. There is no problem using shared 
extension modules; these will be detected and made part of the installation.

 Python style (do as thou wilt; maintain copyright notices).


<P><A HREF="">Installer:
Linux beta 01, Windows beta 3f</A> - distribute Python apps, modules and
packages easily; available under Python-style license.  (08-Jan-2000)

- Gordon

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