linkdl! 0.2 (module for linked lists)

Jérôme Loisel
Fri, 21 Jan 00 10:22:06 GMT

Hello all!

I am happy to announce the widely-anticipated v.0.2 release of linkdl!
(My brother and ex-girlfriend were *really* looking forward to it! :-)) 

linkdl stands for LinkedLists. linkdl is a module providing a
LinkedLists data types. That data type allows you to create, modify and view
lists which are to remain linked both vertically and horizontally.

Think of it as a rudimentary spreadsheet (without an UI, of course...). It
keeps rows and columns, and sorts along either the rows or the columns. (I
am actually quite happy with the sorting: if there are ties, linkdl looks to
the next row or column to resolve them, up to the last row or column...
Hmmm... Well, *I* think it's pretty cool. :-))

The following is the main __doc__ string. Please do tell me if you look at
the code. As this is my first mostly serious module, I would very much
appreciate any feedback.

linkdl seems to work quite well, but I have only done basic testing. You
should also be aware that it is not optimized and will probably only offer
mediocre performance under very heavy loads.

Cheers, and happy coding!

Jérôme Loisel

(or, if your DNS has not caught it yet...)

[Moderator's note: the module source code originally included
here has been removed due to bandwidth considerations.]

<P><A HREF="">linkdl 0.2</A> - a
linked lists module for Python.  (15-Jan-2000)

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