Numerical Python now at SourceForge

Paul F. Dubois
Fri, 21 Jan 00 10:23:25 GMT

We are in the process of moving Numerical to SourceForge, a service provided
by VA Linux for Open Source software projects.

Here are some of the things you can do:

1. Visit the Numerical Python web page, A link
on that page will direct you to the Numerical Python Project pages, where
you will find downloads, read about and report bugs, and browse the CVS
source tree.

2. Using CVS, you can check out a the latest source by using the following

cvs login
     When prompted for a password for anonymous, simply press the Enter key.
cvs -z3 co

Later updates from within the module's directory do not need the -d

Official releases are as shown on the project page. By using the latest
source via anonymous CVS, you are getting both the latest bug fixes and the
latest accidently-introduced bugs. Cavaet downloader.

3. Currently 3 people are enabled as developers: David Ascher, Travis
Oliphant, and myself. Once we are a little more setttled in we will be open
to adding developers.

4. Once you have the source tree you can make a compressed tar file for
moving to other machines by executing, in the Numerical directory,
    python dist
To avoid confusion, we suggest that you rename the file produced so that it
does not match the official release number. Or, you can change that number
in This feature requires your Python have Distutils installed

Note: if you browse the CVS tree you will see a top-level directory "numpy"
but there are no files underneath. This was the result of an early error and
when we can figure out how to destroy it, we will. The module you want is
"Numerical". The SourceForge homepage ( will lead you
to some CVS documentation if you are unfamilar with it.

Note: all other LLNLDistribution modules are still in
LLNLDistribution11.tgz, available via Over the next month
or two we will be moving these to new homes. The xfiles machine itself has
become somewhat unstable and the server often dies on weekends. Security
changes will require us to move everything anyway, so this is a good time
for some housekeeping. In the meantime, please be patient with us.

This change does not mean that LLNL has lessened its involvement with Python
or its commitment to supporting Numerical. The intent is just to move the
project forward by opening up the development process. Fortuitously,
SourceForge has sprung full-blown from the brow of Zeus -- or maybe it just
seems that way to me.

<P><A HREF="">Numerical Python</A> -
Numerical facility for Python, now hosted at
SourceForge.  (16-Jan-2000)

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