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Christian Tismer
Tue, 25 Jan 00 20:08:14 GMT

"Why should I care about this, isn't my Python fine"?

If you know what Generators, Coroutines and Continuations
are about and want to have them at your fingertips,
this is the real thing for you.

If not, how about speed?
About 5 percent faster, binary compatible as a drop-in
replacement for your python15.dll, unlimited recursion,
why not give it a try? Just click on the installer :-)

Stackless Python 1.01 with Continuations 0.6
can now be downloaded from a web page:

Fact sheet, links to documentation, source and
binaries can be found there.

Source and binary distribution have been split.
The Windows binaries come with a Wise installer.

SLP has been successfully compiled on Solaris (Thanks to Jeff
Collins). It will be used on PalmIII, to solve the 4k stack problem.

Version 1.01 is a small clean-up for non-Windows platforms.

<P><A HREF="">Stackless
Python 1.01 + Continuations 0.6</A> - a version of Python 1.5.2 that
does not need space on the C stack, and first-class callable
continuation objects for Python.  (24-Jan-2000)

Christian Tismer
Mission Impossible 5oftware Team

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