web2ldap.py 0.6.6: WWW gateway for accessing LDAP servers

Michael Ströder michael.stroeder@inka.de
Tue, 25 Jan 00 20:14:52 GMT


I would like to announce a new version of web2ldap, a full-featured
LDAPv2 client written in Python designed to run as a CGI-BIN under
the control of a WWW server.

It's available for free (GPL) from


There's a demo running on:


I would like to encourage people to give feedback about the
usability of this program.

Ciao, Michael.

Changes since 0.6.5:
- You might have guessed it: Bug hunting and code cleaning!
- Better support and example for CSS

Changes since 0.6.4:

- Implemented modrdn.
- Omnipresent button bar throughout the whole UI now
  (including error messages).
- Direct input of LDIF data possible during adding
  or modifying entries (e.g. for binary data).
- Display attributes of entry according to the schema categories
  (required, allowed, not matching).
- Minor bugfixing and code cleaning.

Finally you insert your blinky-winky HTML design:
- Display entries with HTML template files depending on objectClass.
- HTML clean-up to be hopefully SGML-conformant (and friendly to
- Configuration parameters for complete <BODY> tag.
- ID params in important HTML tags for using CSS.
- Configuration parameters for string placed in <HEAD></HEAD>
  section (suitable for placing <STYLE> tags).

<P><A HREF="http://www.web2ldap.de/">web2ldap 0.6.6</A> -
web-based LDAP client; several enhancements. (25-Jan-2000)

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