JPython 1.1 final

Barry Warsaw (Barry Warsaw)
Thu, 27 Jan 00 03:23:16 GMT

Greetings from the Python conference!

I'm pleased to announce the release of JPython 1.1 final, the 100%
Pure Java implementation of the Python language.

Below is a summary of recent changes.  See

for more details on what's changed.  For more information on JPython
in general and for links to the downloads, please see


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26-Jan-2000 JPython 1.1 final released

  - Only one small CPython compatibility patch to os.mkdir() and
    os.makedirs() -- optional `mode' argument, which is ignored.

21-Jan-2000 JPython 1.1 release candidate 1 released

  New JPython features and bug fixes
    - Race conditions when creating multiple PythonInterpreter objects
      in an embedded multithreaded Java application have been fixed.
    - Recursive print of a module's namespace no longer overflows the
      JVM stack.
    - Fixed backslashing of quotes inside triple quoted strings (Finn
    - Fixes to read(int) method on file objects, which used to return
      the empty string before EOF was seen.
    - Class-based exceptions are used in frozen (jpythonc) modules.
    - Duplicate argument names in a function definition raise the
      appropriate SyntaxError.
    - os.path.getsize() has been added.
    - mutability of tuples under some situations has been fixed.
    - dictionary insertion order affecting dictionary equality has
      been fixed (Finn Bock).
    - Using the --package option with jpythonc has been fixed.

  Improved CPython 1.5.2 compatibility
    - optional sizehint argument implemented for readlines() method on
      file objects.
    - Better compatibility in %g formatting of floats.
    - sys.stdout.softspace is now writeable.
    - re.VERBOSE/re.X flags are implemented.
    - traceback object's reprs are CPython conformant.
    - In module os, os.error is equivalent to the builtin OSError.
      Also, listdir(), mkdir(), makedirs(), remove(), rename(), and
      rmdir() raise OSError directly.
    - os.stat() raises an OSError if the file is missing.

<P><A HREF="">JPython 1.1 final</A> - a 100%
Pure Java implementation of the Python language.  (26-Jan-2000)

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