New mailing list for IDLE development

Guido van Rossum
Wed, 01 Mar 00 18:58:23 GMT

As part of the CP4E project, we're planning to do major work on IDLE.
This includes an overhaul of the debugger, adding project management,
customization, and more.

We've created a new mailing list to discuss this work.  Jeremy and I
expect to do most of the work here at CNRI, but we welcome
contributions and design discussions.  We plan to carry out most of
our own discussions about IDLE on the list as well.  I'll post a more
detailed document about our plans to the list, once enough people have
signed up.

IDLE will continue to be part of the standard Python distribution.
Contributions will be treated the same way as regular contributions to
Python (see but they will be discussed and should
be posted to the idle-dev mailing list.

To join the mailing list, go to

See you there!

--Guido van Rossum (home page:

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