Zope Weekly News

Mike Pelletier mike@digicool.com
Wed, 8 Mar 2000 17:59:48 -0500 (EST)


    Zope Weekly News is a digest of some of the useful and interesting
    events which have occurred on the various Zope mailing lists and the
    Zope.org site.  It is published each Wednesday evening.

    Any opinions contained in the Zope Weekly News are those of the
    chronicler exclusively.


  * A Documentation Survey has been posted.  This survey will help
    Digital Creations decide where to focus our efforts by allowing
    you to tell us what you think about Zope documentation.


  * "efm" has made a set of RPM distributions of Zope 2.1.4.


  * Maik Röder has posted an announcement regarding the Zope
    Documentation Project (ZDP).  Among other things, the ZDP has a
    new site.  It's a fantastic resource, and definitely worth
    checking out.


New Products

  * Software Product: NFG Navigation Product, submitted by "gyst"

    Another product which provides navigation widgets such as trees
    and maps.


  * Software Product: ZopeEDIT, submitted by "jimbag"

    This product allows you to edit DTML object from your Zope
    database in your favorite text editor.  Maybe.  Written in Python,
    so it just might work on your machine.  This is _not_ a Zope
    add-on, it runs on it's own.



  * Software Product: mod_pcgi2, submitted by "phd"

    The update to 1.0.2 adds new documentation.  This is module allows
    Apache to communicate with long-running PCGI servers, such as Zope.


  * Software Product: load_site.py with additional features, submitted
    by "Itamar"

    This is an enhancement to the load_site.py utility that comes with
    Zope.  It can be used to fill a Zope database with content from a
    filesystem.  This release, version 1.2, fixes all known bugs, has
    new features from the newest version of the original load_site.py,
    and runs in 'standalone' mode, loading into a remote Zope server.


  * Software Product: FSSession, submitted by "gaaros"

    FSSession allows you to store persistent, per-visitor information
    on your filesystem.  This update, to 0.3.0, fixes a number of bugs
    and properly supports Zope transactions.


  * Software Product: KM|Net News, submitted by Kevin Dangoor

    KM|New News is a weblog (news site) product, not unlike (but not
    identical to) Squishdot.  This update is version 1.1.


Zope.org items

  * How-To: Managing http/https URL Links, submitted by "rbickers"

    This How-To describes a clever method to generate links to objects
    which require different protocols (http or https).  This allows
    you to use encryption only where needed, without using exclusively
    absolute links.


  * How-To: How to view all inherited and acquired attributes and
    methods of an object, submitted by "dmost"

    This How-To is essentially an educational (or debugging) tool.
    Often it's difficult to figure out what methods an object has, or
    where those methods are coming from.  This How-To provides an
    external method which lays it all out for you.


  * How-To: User Defined Roles and Proxies, submitted by "lvogel"

    "This HOWTO is to give a brief explanation of what a user defined
    role is, why you would want to set one up, and how to go about
    creating one. I also briefly touch setting up a proxy on Zope


  * How-To: Change TinyTable values using DTML, submitted by "cguardia"

    "The TinyTable product is a good tool if you need simple table
    lookup functionality in your Zope apps. However, it's usefulness
    is limited by the fact that it doesn't support writing single
    values to the tables you create."

  * How-To: RESPONSE.write with ZServer 2.1.4, submitted by "htrd"

    "Streaming output does not work in Zope 2.1.4, when using ZServer
    to serve HTTP. This is fixed with the following two files..."


Mike Pelletier.